Hello. My name is Kristin Burgess. I have worked as a Chartered Accountant in public practice in the Grande Prairie area for the past eight years. I have enjoyed individuals, corporations, estates, and not-for-profit organizations as clients. I am now looking forward to operating my own business.

I specialize in partnering with my clients to make the jobs of monitoring the financial health of their situations as stress free as is possible. I do so by setting clear goals that may be challenging but are attainable and, by using my ability to persevere in continuing to strive for those goals despite possible obstacles. I use time efficiently and am prompt. I encourage questions and discussions as I find no satisfaction in the job I have completed if my clients do not hold a clear understanding of the work I have done for them.

I strive to complement a management team to ensure that business decisions are based on sound advice and good planning. How? I can help analyze operations, pin point problem areas, and assist in developing solutions. I can develop manual or computerized systems for accounting and management information and controls, systems that can alert us to problems before they arise. After situations have been evaluated, I can recommend how operating costs may be reduced and profitability improved.

Please allow me to work with you to watch over the financial health of your personal as well as your business ventures and to, therefore, reduce both subsequent risks and taxes paid. I value all my clients and sincerely appreciate the time spent working and learning with them. My service level is excellent and my charges are modest. I can be reached at 780-532-7889 or at Kristinburgess@eastlink.ca I thank-you for browsing my site.


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Taxpayer relief measures available to Canadians affected by flooding in Alberta

Ottawa, Ontario, June 22, 2013... The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) would like to advise taxpayers who have been affected by flooding in Alberta that they will have access to the CRA’s taxpayer relief provisions if they are unable to meet their tax obligations. Corporations who are unable to file their T2 returns by July 2 due to flooding can apply to have interest and/or penalties waived or cancelled using Form RC4288, Request for Taxpayer Relief. The CRA understands that natural disasters may cause great difficulties for affected taxpayers whose primary concerns during this time are their families, homes, and communities. The CRA can provide relief to these taxpayers if they are unable to file their returns by July 2, 2013, due to flooding or because of other circumstances beyond their control. Business owners and self‑employed individuals who were unable to meet their filing and payment obligations are also eligible for relief.